Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Fun Club News!

The missing fifth member of the Spice Girls finally revealed!

master spice girls

This photograph recently captured by the paparazzi was released today, revealing the missing fiifh member of the all-time internationally famous Spice Girls popular music group during a rehearsal for the forthcoming Spice Girls 'Lets get together again 'n make a whole lotta more money before all our plastic melts!' reunion concert. The missing member (who also occassionally does daring rescue missions for the Power-Puff Girls on Saturday mornings) is quoted as having said "Too long have the Spice Girls been overshadowed by the Hot Chillie Peppers! It's time to add a little more Blonde, Brunette and Tobasco and put some Spice back into Life!"

And if you believe this nonsense, your nose may grow a little longer too!

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