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Garagani-Robertson Language Schools

Who Are We?


“I have always been highly interested in both the academic and personal development of students. This has afforded me unique insights into the requirements and practical implementation of education in terms of both academia and preparing young people for the real world.”


Lina Garagani-Robertson is the co-founder and operator of Garagani-Robertson ELT. She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation and administration of the school and liaises with both parents and students on a daily basis. Lina also oversees the coordination and effective implementation of the school’s policies and services

Lina began her academic career at Latrobe University, Melbourne Australia. On attainment of a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Sociology) she was then awarded the annual Latrobe University scholarship for Social Sciences. An attainment of postgraduate Honours Degree soon followed and she was then offered a scholarship for a Masters Degree in Social-Psychology. She was also awarded positions at Latrobe including Tutor and Research Assistant (Sociology Faculty), and sat on several college and university committees including the Glenn College General Committee.

Whilst still at Latrobe University, Lina also embarked on a career in language teaching and soon became the manageress of a private Greek Language School in Melbourne. This experience was to become invaluable when she decided to return to Greece in 1988 to open Garagani-Robertson ELT. With its innovative approach and attention to individual student needs, the school immediately became successful and remains so until this day.


“The key to teaching a language is to make the educational process fun."


As Director of Studies and co-founder at Garagani-Robertson ELT, Ross J. Robertson is responsible for overall management of academia and the implementation of policies that specifically relate to the tutorial and learning processes. His responsibilities include the recruitment, induction and ongoing management and development of effective tutorial staff, lesson observation for the purposes of quality control and standardisation of training, and student academic counselling. Ross takes a keen interest in his students and advises them regarding their respective academic performance, aspirations and well-being.

After graduating from an exclusive private school (Peninsular Grammar) in Melbourne, Australia, Ross enrolled as an undergraduate student at Latrobe University from which he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Microbiology). Whilst studying, he was employed at the Australian ATV-10 (formally of News Corp, Murdoch) television network as an E.N.G. operator and video editor for the news department. His responsibilities included cooperating with reporters and technical staff, editing news stories and playing them on-air during nightly news broadcasts to a audience of more than a million people.

On arrival in Greece, he obtained the appropriate qualifications to teach English from the Greek Ministry of Education and then co-founded Garagani-Robertson ELT. Being a native speaker of English, quickly established himself as a significant educator in the local community. He has also written several ELT books for UK publishers Heinemann ELT (now Macmillan ELT) and Pearson-Longman ELT which are distributed and sold both in Greece and internationally. Ross also regularly participates in teacher training programmes and has a strong teaching commitment, which enables him to keep abreast of new teaching methodologies and resources.

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